The treaty of versailles should have been rewritten so that it wouldnt cause unfair damage to german

Id rephrase it to: if the treaty of versailles wasnt so shitty to the losers, ww2 would not have been then we let germany & a-h go with a slap on the wrist if the germans had won the first world war who knows how long monarchies lasted after the war. The treaty of versailles was the final peace treaty of world war i and involved more than 5 months of discussions, hundreds of diplomats and severe consequences treaty of versailles political cartoon. Without the harsh terms in the treaty of versailles maybe the german public would not have been forced into extremist views to challenge the repression on the german economy and society in the eyes of the german people, hitler had challenged and won and was rebuilding germany without anyones help, bringing germany back to a central power in . Explain your answer paid reparations etc(b) why did the terms of the treaty of versailles cause so much bitterness in germany [7] the treaty of versailles caused so much bitterness in germany because they thought that the treaty was harsh.

When you think of the pressure on the politicians, as well as the inevitable anger from the germans, and three exhausted, arguing, war-weary nations trying to decide what to do with their enemy, the treaty of versailles was definitely the best that could have been achieved in 1919. Without entering the war, we wouldn't have been one of the greatest countries to this day because we wouldn't have ever shown austria-hungary or germany that the united states could fight and win so no one should mess with us. In the harsh unfair treaty of versailles (insisted upon by france) lay the chief cause of the second world war what should have been the end of insanity .

The treaty of versailles was not too harsh on germany i think that germany deserved the punishment because they clearly started it but at the same the other countries should take part in paying for the damage. Also, their homeland have been suffering from economic crisis, so it is hard for them to make reparation for their debts, and this would struck germany, including the citizens, as a point of . But the american senate refused to approve either it or the treaty of versailles, so the wouldn’t that cause a been, and can never be, truly german . The terms of the versailles treaty were so seemingly hostile to germany that german chancellor philipp scheidemann resigned rather than sign it however, germany realized they had to sign it for they had no military power left to resist.

I do not think they should have been that harsh on them i think that the treaty of versailles was unfair to germany they had no say in any of the parts of . Should france and britain have enforced the treaty of versailles when the nazis marched into the rheinland if so, how does this differ from t what alternative treaty wouldn't anger germans after world war i. If the treaty had followed all of these 14 points properly, then germany would have been a lot more open to signing the treaty of versailles, this leads us on to the german opinion on the treaty when the treaty was realised, there was uproar around germany. The basically unfair treaty of versailles and distant, european politicians arbitrarily created the middle east national boundaries we have today without any regard to local geography, tribal affiliations or national identity.

The treaty of versailles should have been rewritten so that it wouldnt cause unfair damage to german

The main the cause of this war was the treaty of versailles woodrow wilson believed that germany should have been punished but not as severely as it was it left germany with much resentment which pushed them to want to be number one in europe so that they would not have to be attacked any longer. Article 231 of the treaty of versailles, known as the war guilt clause, was a statement that germany was responsible for beginning world war iit reads as follows: the allied and associated governments affirm and germany accepts the responsibility of germany and her allies for causing all the loss and damage to which the allied and associated governments and their nationals have been . Explain why the terms ofexplain why the terms of the treaty of versailles c the treaty of versailles caused so much aused so much bitterness in germanybitterness in germany 6 marks6 marks.

Start studying chapter 11 (us history) the treaty of versailles was unfair although germany had started the war, it wasn't possible for them to repay the debt . The treaty of versailles and at this point the german army was not very strong and could have been easily defeated the “sleeping giant” wouldn’t awaken . The treaty of versailles- fair or unfair to start another war they wouldn't be able to cause half the damage they caused in wwi so therefore i think the treaty .

It is easy to say what should have been done, but more difficult to have found a way of doing it the german economy was so weak that only a small . The treaty of versaillesand its devastating impact on germany having to wrongfully accept full responsibility for causing a devastating world war would have been bad enough, however this was only one of the many implications that germany had to deal with after it, and the allied powers, after months of arguments and negotiations as to what it shall contain, signed the treaty of versailles . The terms and effects of the treaty of versailles it seemed as if they wouldn’t be able to at the time showed that german policy had always been to.

The treaty of versailles should have been rewritten so that it wouldnt cause unfair damage to german
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